1000 GESTALTEN at G20-summit – get rid of your shells!

Hamburg, July 5th 2017 – after months of preparation the art performance 1000GESTALTEN has transmitted an overwhelming image of creative protest into the world. Hundreds of people cloaked in clay have expressed their criticism on the G20-summit in a two hour choreography and thereby called up on more humanity and self-responsibility .

The crusted shapes shall represent a society that has lost their believe in solidarity and in which everyone fights for their own progress only. In the course of the performance they dropped off their grey costumes where underneath their colorful t-shirts appeared. In this way they symbolically freed themselves from their petrified structures.

„We cannot wait until change happens from the world's most powerful, we have to show political and social responsibility – all of us – now!“ as spokesmen of the collective 1000 GESTALTEN claim afterwards. „We want to put back in memory how compassion and public spirit conveys identity for a society. Our campaign is a further symbol for the fact that many people do not want to put up with the destructive impact of capitalism any longer. What will save us in the end is not our account balance but someone who will offer their holding hand.“

We have successfully managed to mobilize broad sections of our social society for the campaign: Before and behind the scenes over a thousand volunteers were involved – many of which were part of an art performance for the very first time. People from over 85 cities from allover Europe registered as performers and volunteers – the whole project was entirely realized though crowdfunding, donations in kind and voluntary commitment.

We are truly overwhelmed, sort out the many pics and videos now and are are back with a detailed retrospective on this evocative day.


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